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At present, one of the most pressing issues that people face is the problem of mental health. While there are some who build a website just to establish that mental health is not really much of a problem, there are those bloggers and authors who know better and say that mental health is a real issue. It’s not something that millenials made up just to become a lame excuse for their failures and weaknesses. If anything, it’s a phrase that hits people where it hurts – family, friends, and social expectations that demand to be fulfilled.

Still, those who experience problems with mental health can find a glimmer of hope in many forms of therapy. By reading any tech blog, for instance, you will find that one of the more popular forms of therapy for the improvement of mental health is music. There are many forms of music therapy, a few of which will be enumerated and explained below.

Forms of Music Therapy of the forms is called the Nordoff-Robbins therapy. Created by both Nordoff and Robbins through a passionate and dedicated partnership, their focus was initially on the place of music in therapy, particularly for the experience of disabled children. Over the years the application was extended to include all ages and all abilities, particularly because the method was pretty applicable to others and not just disabled children. The concept is pretty simple: you just have to assume that anyone can get meaning and benefit from music. By this, you can then enable the patient to make music, and the process itself becomes therapeutic.

Another form of music therapy is called the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music. Helen Lindquist Bonny was a music therapist who developed an approach to music therapy that involves guided imagery with music. In this application, music is thought to be a co-therapist, due to the significant role it plays in the therapy. The music choice is an important consideration for the therapist to make, with the individual patient and the goals for the session influencing the selection.

Still another form of music therapy is what is known all over the world as Kodaly. Zoltán Kodály is considered to be the inspiration for the development of this philosophy of music therapy. It uses a base of rhythm, notation, sequence and movement to aid in the learning and healing of the patient. It has been observed that this method helps to improve intonation, rhythm and music literacy and has also had a positive impact on perceptual function, concept formation, motor skills and learning performance in a therapeutic setting.

Consider Listening to Music to Calm Yourself

There are times, of course, that you might not really be clinically depressed, but you still feel lonely and you have no one to talk to. For times like this, remember that you must not give in to the feeling of despair (yes, no matter how tempting it might get). Always choose the better choice and stay grounded. If you’re finding it difficult to do so, it’s probably a good idea for you to try listening to music, and allow whatever music it is you’re listening to lift your spirits.

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Wow! I’m so amazed on how good your post really is. I’ve been looking all over the web for this information, and I’m so happy to find you 🙂

Most doctors and psychologists advice music therapy for people who have good reaction to it.

Music therapy has been used to many patients in the mental care. I think the results are interestingly convincing to be considered as a treatment.

Music therapy has been used for centuries to make people feel better. In Bible times, King Saul asked David to play a harp for him.

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